Pool Rite, Inc. is a Local Family Owned & Operated Business

Licensed, Certified & Insured

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repair Services

We repair all major brands of swimming pool related equipment including pumps, heaters, filters, saltwater systems, automation systems and safety covers.

If you have a problem with your swimming pool call us today for prompt, professional and courteous service.
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Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Package:

  • Pool sides and waterline scrubbed and brushed as required.
  • Skim pool surface water of floating debris
  • Skimmer baskets removed and cleaned.
  • Pump strainer removed & cleaned.
  • Scrub waterline as required.
  • Your swimming pool brushed & vacuumed
  • Backwash Sand and D.E. filters as required. Clean cartridge filters as required.
  • Add Filter Media as required (for D.E. Filters) after backwash.
  • Inspection of all pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, chlorine generator, etc.).
  • Clean chlorine generator cells as required.
  • Water chemistry accurately tested by titration/reagent method and balanced accordingly with appropriate products.


Services Include:

  • Remove cover and fold
  • Cover anchors removed or screwed down
  • Equipment installed and system assembled
  • Auto-fill turned on
  • Install ladders & handrails
  • Remove plugs on all lines.
  • Install skimmer baskets & return Eyeballs
  • Pool pump turned on and set for initial 24 Hr. filtration
  • Brush, scrub and vacuum
  • Heater tested
  • Initial chemistry analysis & treatment of water performed
  • Water chemistry tested, adjusted and prepared for swimming  

 FALL CLOSINGS (Winterize)

Services Include:

  • Final cleaning and vacuuming performed
  • Water level reduced
  • Water treated with winter algaecide and necessary chemicals
  • Auto-fill disconnected, line blown out and capped
  • All pool lines blown out and winterized with non-toxic anti-freeze
  • Skimmer lines filled with non-toxic anti-freeze and plugged
  • Heater decommissioned
  • Filter drained
  • Cartridge filters and DE filters broken down, cleaned and reassembled
  • Pump disconnected from system (if possible) and stored inside client’s home
  • Pump lines plugged
  • Pool cover taken out of storage and securely installed 
  • Monitoring throughout the winter to prevent freeze damage due to excessive rainfall.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a service schedule
Please call us at:  631-668-3716
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