Maintenance & Service

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Swimming Pool & Spa Service
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Weekly Maintenance Package:

  • Pool sides and waterline scrubbed and brushed as required.
  • Skim pool surface water of floating debris
  • Skimmer baskets removed and cleaned.
  • Pump strainer removed & cleaned.
  • Scrub waterline as required.
  • Your pool vacuumed with our own High Power Vacuum saving wear and tear on your pump and filtration system.
  • Backwash Sand and D.E. filters as required. Clean cartridge filters as required.
  • Add Filter Media as required (for D.E. Filters) after backwash.
  • Inspection of all pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, chlorine generator, etc.).
  • Clean chlorine generator cells as required.
  • Water chemistry accurately tested by titration/reagent method and balanced accordingly with appropriate products.


Services Include:

  • Remove cover and fold
  • Cover anchors removed or screwed down
  • Equipment installed and system assembled
  • Auto-fill turned on
  • Install ladders & handrails
  • Remove plugs on all lines.
  • Install skimmer baskets & return Eyeballs
  • Pool pump turned on and set for initial 24 Hr. filtration
  • Brush, scrub and power vacuum
  • Heater tested
  • Initial chemistry analysis & treatment of water performed

 FALL CLOSINGS (Winterize)

Services Include:

  • Final cleaning and vacuuming performed
  • Water level reduced
  • Water treated with winter algaecide and necessary chemicals
  • Auto-fill disconnected, line blown out and capped
  • All pool lines blown out and winterized with non-toxic anti-freeze
  • Skimmer lines filled with non-toxic anti-freeze and plugged
  • Heater decommissioned
  • Filter drained
  • Cartridge filters and DE filters broken down, cleaned and reassembled
  • Pump disconnected from system (if possible) and stored inside client’s home
  • Pump lines plugged
  • Pool cover taken out of storage and securely installed 
  • Monitoring throughout the winter to prevent freeze damage due to excessive rainfall.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a service schedule
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