Openings & Closings


OPENINGS (Summerizations)

Typically includes the following;

  • Remove cover, clean, fold and store inside client’s home
  • Cover anchors removed or screwed down
  • Equipment installed and system assembled
  • Auto-fill turned on
  • Install ladders & handrails
  • Install skimmer baskets & return eyeballs
  • Pool pump turned on and set for initial 24 Hr. filtration
  • Brush, scrub and power vacuum with our own power vacuum system
  • Heater tested
  • Initial chemistry analysis & treatment of water

CLOSINGS (Winterizations)

Final cleaning and power vacuuming performed

  • Filters drained, disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and reassembled.
  • Swimming pool water level reduced
  • Remove ladders & handrails
  • Remaining water treated with winter algaecide and necessary chemicals
  • Auto-fill disconnected, line blown out and capped
  • All pool lines blown out and winterized with non-toxic anti-freeze
  • Skimmer lines filled with non-toxic anti-freeze and plugged
  • Heater decommissioned
  • Pump disconnected and removed from system (if possible) and stored inside client’s home
  • Pump lines plugged
  • Pool cover taken out of storage and securely installed

All chemicals used for pool openings and closings will be provided by Pool Rite, Inc. 

Cost of chemicals is not included in opening/closing price.  Quantities necessary will be determined by pool size after testing water at the time of opening/closing.