Loop-Loc Pool Covers

We Are A Certified Loop-Loc Dealer / Distributor And Installer

A Loop-Loc swimming pool safety cover is a very popular choice for in ground style, and even on-ground swimming pools. Loop Loc is the most well known, most installed, and most trusted safety cover, made popular with Bubbles the elephant, and leading industry warranty. There are two basic styles to choose from, solid and mesh. Loop Loc solid pool covers cost more than Loop Loc standard mesh. Both covers are a good choice for safety, but solid covers make it easier to clean your pool in the spring, and are more durable, as solid pool covers are made by reinforcing a standard mesh design. 

Replacing Other Manufacturer Safety Covers With a Loop Loc

If you wish to replace your existing “non”-Loop-Loc safety cover with a new Loop Loc Cover we can ship old cover to be duplicated and provide a new Loop=Loc cover, installation tool and storage bag.

Pool Safety Cover Replacement – New Home Owners

Some new home owners find that they have the anchors installed for a safety cover, but their cover is missing. Replacement covers can be made easily if you have the original, otherwise we can come out and measure existing safety cover anchors and make a replacement cover that will fit to your existing hardware.


Safety Cover Advice


These safety covers last for many years, and need repair or replacement mainly due to neglect, or poor storage. Do not store cover in shed or out door area, as they become nesting material for field mice, and excessive heat can bake cover, making it brittle.


If you have a raised coping or rough pool edge, especially  bluestone coping, place a foam pad, carpeting, etc. over the pool edge before installing your pool safety cover to prevent chafing.  Chafing damage is not covered by your Loop-Loc warranty.